Pathfinder School Japan

"Pathfinder School", a very popular outdoor school in the Uniter States is landing first time in Japan, in 2019!
Join us and learn basic skills of bushcraft, which will surely make your outdoor life much more self-reliant and enjoyable!

July 5 (Fri.) - 7 (Sun.), 2019 at Hokkaido Onneto National Camp Site

What is "Pathfinder School"?

"What kind of knowledge and tools would you need if lost in the wild?"

Dave Canterbury, with more than twenty years of experience in the outdoors from the US Army, to being a Hunter and Fisherman, once came up with this question. He started up an outdoor gear brand called "Pathfinder" then, based on his own experience. He now offers survival training, through various media and courses such as the "Pathfinder School"; where you can receive hands on training, an American TV programs on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Youtube and so on. The Pathfinder School is now known all over the world, and its official Youtube channel has more than 80 million video views.

The Pathfinder School is first time landing in Japan in July, 2019!
In the basic course of the Pathfinder School, you can learn "how to survive the first 72 hours in an emergency situation". In July, 2019, the Pathfinder School Japan; a compact version of the basic course, will be landing for the first time in Japan.
Join us and learn self-aid, fire craft, shelter construction, water procurement using the 10Cs of survival!

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Contents of Basic Course

Knowledge to survive a 72 hr. emergency scenario

  • Basic does not mean easy, it means the essential facts or principles of a subject or skill. Our essentials will revolutionize your outdoor training by pushing you beyond the limits you would otherwise push yourself.

  • You will complete various timed exercises at times individually and as part of a team. Each deliverable is designed to make you more self reliant. If you don't give up on yourself, we won't give up on you. We will also take many tasks slower to ensure you have retained the Knowledge working in an EDI (Educate, Demonstrate, Imitate) fashion of training.

<Some examples of what you can learn in the course>
  • 5 Survival Priorities
  • Building a Survival Kit (Resource management theory, Multifunctionality with items etc)
  • 5Bs of Self-Aid (Improvised treatment in the field)
  • Fire Craft (5 elements of fire, Boiling water quickly etc)
  • 5 Basic Camp Knots (Utility and the kind of rope)
  • Shelter Craft (5Ws of camp site selection)
  • Water procurement (Source selection, Boiling for disinfection)
  • Navigation (Primitive direction finding, Basic compass anatomy etc)
  • Mock emergency overnight
  • SAR (Signaling with mirror and fire etc)
and more!

How to choose items for survival, "the 10Cs of Survivability"

  1. CUTTING TOOL:The most important of all the items. Used for batoning wood, crafting fire etc.
  2. COMBUSTION DEVICE:For starting fire useful for warming up, disinfecting water for drinking, cooking and also signaling for rescue.
  3. COVER:To warm up, as well as to make simple shelter.
  4. CONTAINER:Stainless steel container can be put on the fire directly to disinfect water.
  5. CORDAGE:Useful for shelter construction etc.
  6. COTTON BANDANNAS:Could be used for fire-crafting, bandaging, binding stuff like woods.
  7. CARGO TAPE:From first-aid to fire crafting.
  8. COMPASS:Not only for finding directions, but also as a signal mirror reflecting sun.
  9. CLOTH SAIL NEEDLE:To repair torn gear or punch holes. Also as an improvised compass device by prior magnetization.
  10. CANDLING DEVICE:As a flashlight, signaling device or attracting for fish in the dark etc.

  • With the time restriction, Pathfinder School Japan will be a compact version of the basic course.
  • If you suffer from a medical condition or chronic pain, please bring your prescribed medicines with you.
  • If you have recently undergone surgery or a hospital stay within the last 30 days, DO NOT attempt this course until you have had more time to recuperate.
  • Water is available from jugs located in the camp site. There are also toilets.
  • Bring equipment needed for sleeping two nights in the tent.

* subject to change without prior notice

Mon., July 1
Participants arrive at Kushiro airport respectively.                                         
15:00 Bus departs Kushiro airport.
Bus arrives in Onneto Camp Site.
Setting up tents.
17:00-19:00 Introduction / Introduction to the 5C's, Self-Aid
Welcome dinner (Barbeque)
15:00 Bus departs Kushiro airport.
Tue., July 2
Breakfast (on your own)
Tool safety and Wood Processing/Basics of Fire Craft
A short walk to the waterfall site (1.4 km 35 minutes)
Lunch (on your own)
Navigation & Water collection / disinfection
A short walk to the camp site
Basic knot craft                                       
Shelter craft
Dinner (on your own)
Breakfast (on your own)
Wed., July 3
Breakfast (on your own)                     
Signaling For Rescue, Summary
Departing Onneto Camp Site by bus.
Arriving in Kushiro airport and dismiss.
Signaling For Rescue, Summary

Dave Canterbury

Morakniv Official Global Ambassador.

Dave Canterbury has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival skills. He’s the founder of the popular Pathfinder School where he holds courses teaching basic skills that are invaluable if you suddenly find yourself alone in nature.His books have been on the New York Times best-seller lists and he’s had his own TV series on the Discovery Channel. There’s no doubt that Dave knows how to survive in the wilderness – and loves to share his knowledge.

Dave Canterbury

  • Dave has been published in Self Reliance Illustrated, New Pioneer, and American Frontiersman, Trappers World, and has Appeared on the cover of Backwoodsman Magazine, and Bushcraft and Survival Skills in the UK
  • Dave's Book BushCraft 101 is a two-time NY Times Best Seller
  • The Pathfinder School is listed as one of the top 12 Survival School in the U.S. by USA TODAY
  • Dave is the Co-Owner and Supervising Instructor of The Pathfinder School in SE Ohio, the United States Premier School for Self-Reliance, as well as Pathfinder School Worldwide
  • Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in Wilderness Ministry from Frontier Christian University
  • Certification in Advanced Search and Rescue
  • Wilderness First Aid/CPR
  • Certified as an Expert Trapper by the Fur Takers of America
  • Basic and Intermediate Certificates from the International School of Herbal Arts and Sciences


Hokkaido Onneto National Camp Site

The venue of the Pathfinder School Japan is the Onneto National Camp Site, located in the Akan National Park in Hokkaido, on the side of a small lake. "Onneto" has the meaning "old swamp" "big swamp" in Ainu language. Surrounded by a mysterious lake whose color changes depending on the season and the weather, with trees such as Ezo pine and white birch, it is a popular campsite among the locals in Hokkaido. In addition, it is a village of Ainu with a rich woodcraft culture, and is perfect for woodworking workshops. 

Camp Site

We set up tents around the lake Onneto, a mysterious lake that changes its color by the weather and the light reflection.
Very luxirious location where you would just want to enjoy the view for a while in the morning.

Satellite Site

On the second day, we will take a lunch at a satellite site, a disignated natural treasure of Japan "Yu no taki", which is located thirty minutes walk from the camp site. It is only place in the world where you can observe manganese oxide generated phenomenon. (source: website of Ashoro town)

Trail around lake

You can enjoy the view of not only the lake, but also the natural forest and plants on the ground.
It would be better to wear trecking shoes since some places are difficult to walk around the lake.

What to bring

What to bring

Camping is Primitive (Tent/Hammock) and Walk-In Only
Food is not provided, so bring adequate food and snacks
Electrolyte drink mixes are recommended (Gatorade, Powerade, or Jello)
1) Cutting Tools: Knife: Should be non-coated with a 90-degree spine.
We recommend the Mora Bushcraft Black, Mora Garberg.
Folding Saw: We recommend the Silky or Bahco Laplander
2) Combustion Devices:
Fire Kit Components
Two Disposable Lighters
1/2” x 6” Ferrocerium Rod (DO NOT bring a small one!)
3) Cover:
Emergency Shelter
Grabber 5x7 Space Blanket
Four Drum Liner Trash Bags
30Ltr Dry Bag
4) Cordage: 25ft Paracord
100ft #36 Tarred Bankline
5) Container:
Drinking & Cooking
Pathfinder 32oz Bottle and Nesting Cup (or equivalent) 
6) Compass: Must have bezel ring, sighting mirror and magnifying lens and non-lensatic
We recommend the Suunto MC-2
7) Cloth & Repair: 3' x 3' of 100% Cotton Material (Shemagh or XXXL Orange T Shirt)
Scrap Cotton material like an old T (100% Cotton)
One #14 Sail Needle
8) Candling Device:
Headlamp with Spare Batteries
9) Cargo Tape: 1 Large Roll of Heavy Duct Tape
10) Combination Tool:
Multi Tools
Leatherman Style Multi Tool or Swiss Army Knife

You can purchase many of these items here:
1) Cutting Tools: Knife: Should be non-coated with a 90-degree spine.
We recommend the Mora Bushcraft Black, Mora Garberg.
Folding Saw: We recommend the Silky or Bahco Laplander

Give-away for all the participants

Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Black


Pathfinder Original Cap

Pathfinder School Japan Overview
* Detailed information will be sent to the participants later!

July 1th (Mon.) to 3rd (Wed.), 2019

35,000 yen (tax included) per person

* The payment is to be made through Paypal (credit card) only.
  We send the link to the invoice and the payment to the email address written in the application form.
* Pets cannot enter the venue.
* Participant has to be 20 years of age or over. 

Venue Hokkaido Onneto National Camp Site
(Location: In the Moashoro National Forest, Ashoro-cho, Ashoro-gun, Hokkaido, 089-3964)
Capacity 30 persons
Meeting Place & Time Kushiro airport arrival lobby
What to bring Tent, Sleeping bag, Outdoor knife, Meals (except for dinner on July 1)
More items to be announced later.
What is included
in the price
  • Chartered bus fee between Kushiro airport and Onneto National Camp Site (both ways)
  • Campsite fee
  • Dinner on July 1
  • Materials related to workshops
What is NOT included
in the price
  • Flight ticket from and to Kushiro Airport
  • Tent and Sleeping bag
  • Meals (except for dinner on July 1)
How to apply Please apply from the Application Form at the bottom of this website.
We will notify the details, the payment and etc to the email address sent through the form.

Application for 2019 is closed. Thank you for all the registration!
Hosted by Uneplage International Co., Ltd.
Supported by Pathfinder School
Cancellation policy
  • No refund after the payment.
  • Event participation fee will be refunded in case the event is cancelled by the host. Please note that the airplane fare will not be refunded.

    * In case of bad weather, we judge whether to hold the event on Sun., June 30.
    (We will notify the participants only when cancelling the event.)
Capacity 30 persons


QI live around Tokyo area, can you arrange airplanes to and from Hokkaido?
AWe kindly ask you to arrange airplanes to and from Kushiro airport by yourself.
The flight ticket to and from Kushiro Airport is not included in the price.
Bus from Kushiro Airport to the venue and vice versa is arranged by Uneplage International. (included in the price)
QCan I make a payment by bank transfer?
AWe are sorry, but the payment is only available through credit card via Paypal.
We will send you the payment destination link by e-mail, so please proceed from there.
(No need to open a Paypal account)

Online Store
Pathfinder products available online

Also held
Morakniv Adventure in Japan
Friday, July 5th to Sunday, July 7th at Hokkaido Onneto National Camp Site

Authentic outdoor event born in Sweden will be landing again in Japan.

Enjoy bushcraft, woodwork and Ainu culture together with 50 participants from around the world!
Join us after Pathfinder School!

Application Form

To apply, please fill in and send the form below.
We will inform you of the event details and payment method etc to the email address you filled in.

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* In case you cannot send the message from the form, please send all the information to the following address.
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Pathfinder School Japan

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